ANN: Draw kaleidoscopic effects

Klaus Major klaus at
Sat Feb 28 06:25:47 EST 2009

Hi James,

> I failed in my attempt to find a way to  use the pen tool to paint  
> kaleidoscopic effects. This stack (see below) draws the effects  
> instead. Painting would be better. More options. Well, except for  
> the fact that I can't do it. Every time I try to drag the pen in a  
> mouseMove handler, RR locks up on me. If you can find a way, let me  
> know.
> To see the stack run this in the message box:
> go url ""

That's pretty cool! Chapeau!

It runs a lot smoother when you add a "lock screen" and "unlock screen"
at the beginning/end of the "mousemove" handler!

At least it does her on my MacMini 1.66.

> Jim Hurley



Klaus Major
klaus at

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