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Fri Feb 27 13:58:26 EST 2009

DunbarX at wrote:

> I want the utility stack to insinuate itself into the message heirarchy 
> whenever I open it. In HC, I place it in use on openstack, so it receives messages 
> from all stacks. In Rev, I see there are more options, and I have not learned 
> enough to know which might be best, or whether one of several might do.
> But my issue here is simple, clean message passing in the way I always (HC) 
> understood it. I want a stack that receives all messages from all stacks. 
> Fortunately, I have it; my stack works fine. I just cannot have the msg box open at 
> the same time.
>  I am not experienced enough to find how this might be best implemented in 
> Rev, (Stackinuse, backscripts, etc.) I just want what I consider basic 
> functionality, and I want to feel that my HC expertise is valid here, at least in 
> principle. I think I have found a bug. I am surprised, actually, that others are 
> not more alarmed.

Light bulb just went on...maybe. You may have set up a bad loop. 
Presumably the openstack handler that puts your stack in use is in the 
stack script? If so, when it goes into use, it is going to catch every 
openstack, including the IDE stacks, and put *those* in use too. After 
that, who knows what mess will happen. You'll have duelling openstack 
handlers occuring in random orders.

If that's not what's happening, then skip the rest of this. But if it 
is, the short answer is to put your openstack handler, the one that puts 
the stack in use, in the script of the first card of your wizard stack. 
It will receive the openstack message only once when it actually opens. 
When its stack script is put into use, the card script is not in the 
hierarchy and won't mess with the stacksInUse.

A better approach may be to forget about stacksInUse and put your 
utility handlers into a button instead. When the wizard opens, insert 
the script of the button into back. This gives you more control over 
which messages get caught -- only the handers in that button script will 
be active and you don't have to worry about the repercussion of stack 
hierarchy and system messages.

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