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Fri Feb 27 13:39:12 EST 2009

Bernard Devlin wrote:

> I regret to say that I too must be an original.

Well you can't both be original. I take it back. :)

> I have had the
> /REVEXCLUDED02 message, but I've never tried anything as ambitious as Craig.
>  I'm one of those users whose only used a frontscript or backscript about
> once a year, and barely even put things "in use".  I saw that sometime last
> year, and searched the forum but saw no-one else had ever noted it, so just
> gave up on it.  Unfortunately I can't know remember the details.

Since I've never seen it myself I can only guess, but this sure looks 
like an internal debugging message. And the behavior that Craig 
described about how his stack resized slightly seems to indicate that 
Rev thinks the user stack is the message box for some reason -- because 
the message box does resize depending on which pane is open. And we've 
all had some trouble with the 3.0 message box -- only now you say that 
it happened a year ago to you (version 2.9?) so that's not it either.

I'm wondering if you or Craig had gRevDevelopment set to true when the 
trouble occured. That global is undocumented since it isn't really 
something most people should set. It's a global toggle for when the team 
is working on the IDE stacks, and setting it to true during normal 
development is bound to have bizarre consequences. I'm inclined to think 
that users should need a license to know about it. :)

But since someone else has reproduced the problem, that global doesn't 
sound like the culprit either. I'm at a loss.

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