OT: How to zip two program bundles in one zip?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at kestner.de
Fri Feb 27 06:58:19 EST 2009


I have an update routine, where I put my updates in a zip file, download the
zip, unzip it and copy the content files to the different target dirs. This
works fine with single files and also with one program bundle. But if I put
two program bundles in one zip, the update gets messed up, probably, because
the content of the two bundles get mixed up in the zip file and don't keep
their structure. That's how I see it so far. Handling program bundles is so
complicated for me, coming from windows.

Is there any chance to keep two program bundles separate in one zip -
without zipping or imaging every single bundle before zipping them together?
Are there any Mac-Zip tools, how can do that job?

Thanks for any hint






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