J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Feb 27 01:28:55 EST 2009

dunbarx wrote:
> I don't know, shooting a simple message like openCard right off of
> its path is profoundly disturbing. 

In ten years I've never seen anything like that, and it seems like no 
one else has either. You're original. :)

> Does anyone in Scotland know what that "/REVEXCLUDED02" is for?

Probably, but they don't read this list routinely. What's going on 
shouldn't be happening though, so it's worth a bug report if you can 
create a small, reproducible example. The bug database is at 
<> and any Rev user can enter reports there. 
That's the only way the team will see it.

I have noticed a problem with the 3.0 message box lately myself, but it 
doesn't match your symptoms. What I've been seeing since the last 
release is the message box losing track of which stack it's supposed to 
point to. The name of the stack at the top of the message box is dimmed 
and commands sometimes go to the wrong stack, or go nowhere. Closing and 
re-opening the message box fixes it. It's a new bug and I'm watching for 
a reproducible recipe, but it seems to pop up on a whim.

There's a message watcher stack in the IDE, if you only want to track 
messages. That one works correctly and accomodates all the IDE busy-ness 
that goes on. The IDE is throwing hundreds of messages around behind our 
backs, you'll be amazed if you turn off all suppression and watch the 
message list for a while.

Oh, and also, it's safer not to start any of your handler names with 
"rev" either, just like stack names. All the internal Rev messages start 
with "rev". It almost sounds like your script has a "rev" handler in it 
somewhere that could make the IDE think your backscript is a rev script. 
That'd throw a wrench in things if it happens. But a plain old 
"openstack" shouldn't be a problem. I'd look for other handler names 
that might conflict.

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