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Thu Feb 26 17:24:55 EST 2009

Hey, Mark.

My utility stack is called "Wizard". Whether working fine without ever having 
opened the msg box, or useless after I do, the stacksInUse returns only the 
"Wizard" stack. My test stack, the only other one open, is not included of 

It works fine, you see, without msg open. And if ever I do open the msg box, 
I cannot get back. Closing msg has no effect, and I have to quit Rev and 
relaunch. Interestingly, I also trap "resumeStack", and these messages are sent 
even with msg open. It is only opencard that is curtailed.

Somebody must know what "/REVEXCLUDED02" means

I have no issues at all if I never open msg, so I cannot believe it is 
anything I have authored that is causing this. Anyone ever have to reload Rev 

Craig Newman

In a message dated 2/26/09 4:50:18 PM, m.schonewille at 

> Hi Craig,
> What does the stacksInUse return, when this problem occurs? What are 
> the actual names of the stacks?

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