In search of a programmable pen tool

James Hurley jhurley0305 at
Thu Feb 26 11:47:31 EST 2009

I came across a web site a while back that allowed the user to drag a  
paint tool over the screen and the painted line was mirrored across  
several sectors of a circle creating a kaleidoscopic effect. Dazzling  
I thought.

I don't see any way to approximate this in Run Rev. What would be  
nice is a pen tool which is a first class programmable Run Rev object  
with a mouseMove handler.  Not likely any time soon.

I can't even come close, as you can see in the stack "Paint  
Kaleidoscope" I just put up on my user space under Jim Hurley.

If anybody has an answer to the question posed there (Why is this  
painted line so bad?) I would appreciate it.

Jim Hurley

P.S. (Also in my User Space is KaleidoBalls, a kaleidoscope stack  
using balls instead of a paint brush. You might want to check it  out  
just for Scott Rossi's gradient library to make 3D objects.)

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