Changing the screenRect within a stack

Brian Yennie briany at
Sun Feb 22 20:50:00 EST 2009


Yes you are right about the kiosk - a bad example. In any case, my  
point was more that we don't know the particulars of the application  
in question. I share your distaste for badly behaved software, but  
surely there are some cases where it's ok for software to change your  
screen resolution without forcing you to go do it yourself. Video  
players do this all the time in order to *improve* the viewing. Yes,  
it can mess up your geometry if you changed to a "stretched"  
resolution, but it's also often desirable to have a 800x600 video play  
at it's native resolution instead of say, framing it on top of a  
1600x1200 desktop. There can always be a pref in the software for this  
-- but I wouldn't put up with a video player that couldn't go full  
screen without directing me to go change system settings myself.

If this is just a case of an interface design flaw and not some  
special app requirement, then I agree -- design around it without  
messing with the person's screen.

> Hi Brian,
> I agree in the case of full-screen video games, but we don't make  
> those in Rev (yet?). I'm not sure that I agree in the case of video  
> players. When a video player changes the screen resolution, the  
> movie is often displayed with a bad screen geometry and I wouldn't  
> recommend it. There is rarely need to change the screen resolution  
> for kiosk applications, because those run on computers with system  
> settings specifically adjusted to the software.
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