Shakobox... choking on 32nd notes

Judy Perry jperryl at
Fri Feb 20 12:56:41 EST 2009

Ooops.  Make that, it's choking on the third round of 64th notes...

on mouseUp
    put empty into fld "Tunes_Code"
    put "a5x g5x a5e rx g5x f5x e5x d5x c#5t rt" && \
    "d5e rt a4x g4x a4e rx g4x f4x e4x d4x c#4t rt" && \
    "d4e rt a2x g2x a2e rx g2x f2x ex2 d2x c#2t rx" && \
    "d2e rq c#1e e1e g1e b1e c#3e e3e d3h" && \
    "c#5x d5x e5x c#5x d5x e5x c#5x d5x e5x c#5x" && \
    "d5x e5x f5x g5x e5x f5x g5x e5x f5x g5x e5x f5x" && \
    "g5x a5x bb5x  g5x a5x bb5x  g5x a5x bb5x  g5x a5x rq" && \
    "c#6x d6x e6x c#6x d6x e6x c#6x d6x e6x c#6x d6x e6x" && \
    "f6x g6x e6x f6x g6x e6x f6x g6x e6x f6x g6x a6x bb6x  g6x" && \
    "a6x bb6x  g6x a6x bb6x  g6x a6x rq" && \
    "a6x g6x b6x e6x g6x b6x e6x f6x a6x d6x f6x a6x d6x e6x" && \
    "g6x a6x e6x g6x a6x d6x f6x b5x d6x f6x b5x" into theSong
    sbplay 20,40,theSong
end mouseUp

Hey -- I can copy-paste in PINE!  Woo-hoo!


On Fri, 20 Feb 2009, Judy Perry wrote:

> Hi,
> I suspect I'm probably about the only person using it, but, just in case
> somebody else does, has anybody else noticed Shakobox choking on multiple
> 32nd notes?
> I'm transcribing Bach's Tocatta & Fugue in D-Minor... maybe it's just a
> scripting error?
> Drat.  Can we not copy-paste from the new Script Editor?
> :-(
> Judy
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