[ANN]: "Word Match" (language tool + dynamic labels on icon images)

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at hrz.uni-kassel.de
Tue Feb 17 17:05:59 EST 2009

The primary purpose of this stack


is to present a practical example how - as one of several options - the 
results and proposals of the discussion in the recent thread "Dynamic 
labels for buttons with (oddshaped) icon images?" could be applied.
Part of the discussion and the findings are supplied with the stack 
(button "About text on icons") as is an overview (button "help") how to 
work with the stack and how it is structured.

As a "language tool" (for second-language learning) it is a rather 
elementary example. It is an adaptation of one of the various examples 
in an older stack from 2001 that introduced students to the basics of 
educational programming. (see stack "Seminar01" on page "Tools and 
Samples for Development" of my website <http://www.sanke.org/MetaMedia>).

There are two longer word lists - "Spanish-English" and "English-German" 
- from which you can choose for the exercises.

Because of the demonstration character for "dynamic labels" the stack 
lacks a number of features one would normally expect in a more 
sophisticated educational environment, like

- import of vocabulary from external files
- subsequent selections from fld "Lexicon" until all words have been 
selected at least once, i.e. not applying random selections each time 
from the complete "Lexicon" as in the present version
- numerical feedback as to correct and wrong matches
- collecting wrong matches in a separate temporary "lexicon" as a basis 
for "loops" that can be repeatedly used - thus adapting the program to 
the individual learning progress of the user, etc.-

An example of a more pedagogically structured stack would be "Image and 
Words" (<http://www.sanke.org/Software/ImageAndWords.zip>) that shows an 
educational environment in stages of increasing complexity.

Best regards,

Wilhelm Sanke

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