[OT] Rev + BBEdit

Jim Ault JimAultWins at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 16 13:26:26 EST 2009

DIFF - 'Search for differences' in BBEdit is very useful, especially for
less English like code, such as Flash Actionscipt.  It does the diff between
two documents and lines them up side by side with sync scrolling, makes a
list of the differences by line numbers (in a separate window), and then
allows clicking the lines to highlight both docs.  Of course, there are two
buttons for updating the old/new version.  If you want, I could do a quick
40 sec vid to show you how it works.

I think 'folding conditionals' is the use of disclosure triangles to
hide/show logical runs of code such as (repeat..end repeat), (if..then..end
if) so that these collapse into one line.  Again, BBEdit would be an example
of this, or Dreamweaver, etc.

My addition to this list would be a button to press that would be like
'snapshot' in virtual machines.  This means a version of the frontmost
script is archived and can be named, and restored.  In previous years I used
to use Chipp's archive palette button to save a version of the entire stack.

I guess another aspect would be the use of an adjustable palette for holding
the feature buttons we like.

Thanks for taking this under your wing.  It should be interesting.  Of
course, there will be the issue of which version of Rev.

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

On 2/16/09 9:21 AM, "Richard Gaskin" <ambassador at fourthworld.com> wrote:

> Thanks for the ideas, folks.  I've long believed it should be possible
> to make a really good editor for Transcript, and since Ken and I have
> been using ROSE for some time maybe I'll be able to add more of these at
> it continues to evolve.
> The hardest part is Rev compatibility, since it's currently built for
> MC:  editing works well, but historically MC and Rev both mash editing
> and debugging into the same window, which makes swapping out editors
> MUCH harder that it would be otherwise, and arguably makes for a UI
> which compromised both tasks.
> My long term goal is to separate debugging from editing, with controls
> and layout optimized for those very different tasks.  If I can get a
> version of ROSE with that separation running in MC without dependency on
> any of its components it shouldn't be hard to port it to Rev.
> For reference I've compiled the wish list thus far below.  Feel free to
> keep adding new ideas.  Ideally, Rev is fast enough and flexible enough
> that we should never need to go outside the engine to edit our scripts.
> I've broken the list into two parts; the ones here at the top could use
> more explanation to describe exactly what you're after - are they
> documented in BBEDit?  If so I'll just look 'em up there:
> - Diff
> - Plugin facility so we can integrate Git
> - folding conditionals
> - refactoring support
> - cTags
> - conditional balancing
> - Macros
> - clippings/boilerplates
> - find differences
> - parentheses balancing
> - integrated version control
> - integrated lint
> - plugin facility for tools
> - powerful Search/Replace which optionally uses GREP
>    with optional Find All search mode

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