Can anybody HELP !!

Dave dave at
Thu Feb 5 09:52:55 EST 2009

Hi All,

On 29 Jan 2009, at 18:24, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> Dave wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've been looking at the problem reported by Camm and others and I  
>> *think* I have found at least part of the problem. The inability  
>> to save a stack with a password set and the answer dialog enabled.
>> In my application, I have a "Dummy" Splash Screen Stack (call it  
>> "StartUp.rev") that servers as a place holder (as well as other  
>> things) to build a Standalone from, e.g. when I build a  
>> Standalone, I (at least initially and subsequently if I want to  
>> change settings), open the Standalone settings dialog which causes  
>> an array containing the settings to be written to custom props in  
>> StartUp.rev. When I look at this stack in the Application Browser,  
>> I see that there are now two Sub-Stacks in the StartUp.rev file:
>> answer dialog
>> ask dialog
>> Also in the main stack of "StartUp.rev" I find that I have a group  
>> called "revLibraries", this contains a number of "buttons" that  
>> have code in them, such as "revXMLRPC, revPrintBack, etc.
> Yes, that's exactly the problem.
>> Is this normal? If not then I think the Standalone builder is  
>> somehow storing these items in the wrong file.
> Right. It isn't normal, and we'd determined that the files were  
> being written to the wrong stack. The problem is, we can't make it  
> happen and no one is sure why it's only happening to Camm (and now  
> to you.) When we reviewed his example stack, and tested on several  
> machines, the files were written correctly and the standalone built  
> fine. Those on the list who also tested it had no issues either.  
> It's encouraging that you may be able to reproduce it, that would  
> be very helpful.

Ok, good at least I now know it's not normal!

One question, if you manually delete the sub-stack and the groups,  
does it then build ok?

How many times did you test it? I can do maybe 20 builds and it's ok,  
then on a subsequent build it will fail. In order to test this fully  
you'd need to run it over and over again during course of the day.

If this were a problem in one of my Apps and I couldn't reproduce it,  
I'd do a special version with some code added to pro-actively check  
for this condition and if so report it.

Also code could be added to the rev file that gets built as a  
standalone to check if these groups/stacks are present, report and/or  
delete them.

>> If you add password protection to this, it *might* be the problem  
>> people have been reporting.
>> Any comments on this greatly appreciated.
> I'm sure you are correct. If you can figure out what is different  
> about your stack, and if it corresponds to something in Camm's  
> stack, then we may be able to figure it out.

I really don't think there is anything different about my stack, I  
think potentially it could happen to any stack, it's a bug that has  
been there since (or before) that is now interacting with  
the password stuff. Maybe it happens more on 3.x or maybe more bugs  
have been introduced in 3.x and they are interacting with this bug.  
Without adding some code to RunRev or the Standalone builder it's  
hard to know for certain.

> It would be interesting to see if you can build his sample stack.  
> Perhaps you could get a copy from him (or ping me privately and  
> I'll send it to you.)

I'd be happy to try and build it, but I am not using 3.x, will this  
make a difference?

All the Best

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