AW: Problems deleting folders on Vista - error #?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Sun Feb 15 03:41:23 EST 2009

Hello Jim and others
by time I found the error code (32) of the revdeletefolder and it says:
32: ERROR_SHARING_VIOLATION - one of the files inside the directory probably
was opened without FILE_SHARE_DELETE specified.
What puzzles me. I created this folder and another folder inside, so I have
all rights on those folders. Now I try to delete them in a recursive loop
from inside folders to the upper folder. All lower folders are deleted
without problems, so the upper folder is definatly empty at this time.
Obviously my deleting from lower to upper folder is too fast for windows, so
that it "thinks" there are still open files, thought there are none. Can
that be?
Any idea for a workaround?
Thank you
Thanks Jim for your admin tips

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> Betreff: Problems deleting folders on Vista - error #?
> Hello,
> I want to delete some folders in different paths, when removing my app
> with:
> revDeleteFolder
> Works on XP without problems, but on Vista I get different errors in the
> result, depending on which folder, I get: 2 / 3 / 5 / 32
> Even, when executing as Admin there are still some folders, which can't be
> deleted. The folders are not in Programs Dir - so nothing with
> virtualizing.
> They are in the Progdata Dir and in the Users Dir.
> Where do I get the meaning of these result numbers? The sysError is
> always:
> 0
> Does anybody know, what is going on here and how I can delete my folders
> on
> Vista?
> Any tipp appreciated
> Tiemo
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