AW: Problems deleting folders on Vista - error #?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Feb 13 20:53:49 EST 2009

Jim Bufalini wrote:

> But, once your installer creates a directory under Program Files, let's say
> MyRevApp, then if your installer has the ability to alter the UAC of folder
> MyRevApp, and set it to all users - total control, then your Rev app doesn't
> need admin privileges to read, write, create, and delete to this folder or
> any other folders you create under MyRevApp. Because all folders and files
> created under MyRevApp inherit MyRevApp's security settings.

Thanks. The app I'm working with doesn't create any new folders inside 
the program folder, but that's good to know.

> As to the user's Documents, the user who owns the folder usually already has
> all rights to it. The same applies to specialFolderPath(26) and
> specialFolderPath(28). Usually ;-)

This is my main question because we have one customer who is having some 
unusual trouble. He uses Vista. The app was not able to create a folder 
in his Documents folder. I don't know why, since it has been working for 
other customers, but I wondered if it was a permissions issue.

If an app is running as administrator, and the user always has rights to 
their own Documents folder, I thought the app could create folders 
inside Documents without any trouble. But in this one case, it failed.

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