Button Basher images

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at hrz.uni-kassel.de
Fri Feb 13 05:27:47 EST 2009

Hi Richmond,

I created a red and beveled circle (with light effects) in "RealDraw 
Pro" and replaced your circle image in stack "BB alpha" with the new image.
The images exported with your button "Export Button Images" maintain the 
original form, color, and transparency of the new (resized) circle 
image, meaning:

Your Revolution code - although somewhat redundant in places - works as 
you intended, but with one exception (as I only now have noticed, 
because I had not looked at the inverse image before): The inverse 
version of the exported image is identical with the normal version, no 
"inverse" effect is to be seen. This also holds for the two exported 
images when one uses your own white template images.

You will have to look into the matter how to achieve an inverse effect. 
I am presently experimenting here to achieve a satisfactory result.

Setting the ink of img "holder" to "notScrCopy" produces a nice inverse 
image. The problem seems to be the export of the image along with the 
new ink to an external file, and this indeed could be related to the 
specific "volatile" nature of PNG-images just having been created in 
I need to have a look at the scripts in my "SnapshotTests" stack for a 
possible solution.


Wilhelm Sanke

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