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Judy Perry katheryn.swynford at
Wed Feb 11 11:15:37 EST 2009

Hi Rene & Thierry,
Player objects won't work AFAIK with Shakobox, which is much more akin to
the old HC way of generating sounds/music using the engine (but in this
case, QT digital musical instruments and HC-like "play "instrument"
musicalNotation syntax).


On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 1:43 AM, Thierry <th.douez at> wrote:

> Bonjour René,
> May be you could shime the thread about "playing multi-sounds",
> end of january on this list....
> Judy, Scott and others gave some good advices ( and pitfalls )
> about sounds and Rev...
> HTH,
> Thierry
>  Hello !
>> Actually my problem is making music with Rev (hi Beat !) on QuickTime
>> Synthesizer via PlayCommand Agent X (Shakobox : hi ! Jacqueline).
>> I have two solution to "do" duration (schematically):
>> 1. First solution :
>> A. Start sound
>> B. Wait x millisec
>> C. Stop sound
>> 2. Second solution :
>> A. Start sound
>> B. Send "Stop sound" in x millisec
>> With the first solution the sequences (and duration of and between sounds)
>> of sounds work very well but if I have a second sequence the sound of this
>> second sequence stop (and wait...) with the "wait" command of the first
>> sequence.
>> With the second solution the independance of sequences is right (no
>> waiting...) but the sequence is not right because sounds overlap and do not
>> really follow...
>> Someone have a third solution to satisfy both requirements ?
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