Need suggestions from the masters :)

Robert Brenstein rjb at
Tue Feb 10 19:25:12 EST 2009

On 09.02.09 at 17:05 -0500 weslyn whitehead apparently wrote:
>I'm creating a application (game system)  that will work in a virtual world
>and interact with the system there. As players use the system, it will post
>data to a inworld server which i will use to make httprequest outside the
>world into my rev server.  Once there I am hopeing to put the information
>into a DB and return information back to the inworld server.  My question is
>im sure i can do this no problem with MySql but i also own Valentina Rev ADK
>and so, im wanting to use valentina but im not sure its the right solution.
>Only the Rev Server would be talking to the db. I guess im not sure how it
>would work as far as deployment.
>So on mysql i'd setup a mysql server set user accounts and lock access down.
>Then create my DB. Use app to talk to db.
>With Valentina is it setup the db connection in the Rev server app and then
>just reference a flat file not a server type deal? Also, any experience if
>this is the solution how fast/reliable would this be? (assuming this would
>all sit on a server)
>Thanks in advance hope i wasnt just ranting on.

If I understand correctly, you don't really need a network-based 
database -- your program will be happy to use a local database. If 
that is correct, then yes, you can use Valentina and it should run 
really fast. I have such a deployment, running a Rev-based (actually 
MetaCard since it is leaner) network program with a local database, 
and it works quite well.


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