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Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Tue Feb 10 18:50:42 EST 2009

> As far as I know Valentina is not a networked database 
> server, unless you buy a specific server version of 
> Valentina.  That means with the Valentina ADK you would have 
> to house the database on the same server where Rev is running.
> There are people on this list who know Valentina well.  
> Perhaps if you can elaborate on what you are asking, they 
> will answer your questions to say whether or not an 
> in-process or networked version of Valentina would do what you want.

All the ADK products by themselves are local databases, but if you get
Valentina Developer Network, you can deploy Embedded Server, which is very
definitely a networked database. There is a "client" in each ADK though that
can connect with Embedded Server or Valentina Office Server. VDN also
includes X number of ADKs with it, depending on the level. That makes it
possible to build true client-server solutions that can store data both on
the server and locally.

Office Server has several extra features built in, most of which are
ala-carte with Embedded Server, like SSL and Bonjour/Zero Config and the
forthcoming Valentina Reports and iPhone client. We also provide support to
end customers who get Office Server. If you are a VDN developer and you
deploy a product, then necessarily, you need to support your own solution.

With Valentina, you can work with data in RAM, or on disk.

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Lynn Fredricks
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