Script Reporter 1.1

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Mon Feb 9 11:27:34 EST 2009

Script reporter, the Script trolling tool for Revolution just got better
thanks to Sarah Reichelt.
Sarah has updated the solution by adding in script colorization routines
to make your scripts more readable.

I have updated my web site with a new video and the new 1.1 version.

This is exactly what I had hoped would happen. 
I am not really a Revolution developer but I do code in many other
languages for my real job.  I find Revolution the ideal solution for me to
bang out a cross platform solution.  The problem is that since I do not
code in Revolution all the time, I have to keep on referring back to my
previous solutions to determine the syntax or methodology.
I developed Script Reporter for this reason.

I hope more of you find it useful and if there are more enhancements like
what Sara has offered, I am more than happy to include them and give you

Thanks also for the feedback.

Stewart Lynch
CreaTECH Solutions
slynch at

There are only 10 kinds of people.  Those who understand binary and those
who don't.

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