Detecting CYMK jpeg images

Ken Ray kray at
Fri Feb 6 14:42:07 EST 2009

> Does anyone have a method in Transcript to detect the colour space of a jpeg
> image?

If you're on Mac, yes... you can use SIPS at the command line. Here's the
handlers I created for this - feel free to use them (although I don't have a
Windows or Linux version).

You'd use it like this:

on mouseUp
    answer file "Select a JPEG:"
    if it <> "" then
        put stsImageData(it) into tImageInfoA
        if tImageInfoA["colorSpace"] is "cmyk" then
            answer "Sorry, bad image. Try again."
           -- whatever you want to do
       end if
    end if
end mouseUp

function stsImageData pPathToImage
   local tReturnDataA
   switch (the platform)
   case "MacOS"
     put stsFormatPath(pPathToImage,"MacOSX") into pPathToImage
     put shell("sips -g all " & pPathToImage) into tResult
     if stsSIPSCheck(tResult,tPBR_CheckResult) <> "OK" then
       return tPBR_CheckResult
       put word -1 of line 5 of tResult into tReturnDataA["format"]
       put word -1 of line 8 of tResult into tReturnDataA["DPIHeight"]
       put word -1 of line 7 of tResult into tReturnDataA["DPIWidth"]
       put word -1 of line 3 of tResult into tReturnDataA["pixelHeight"]
       put word -1 of line 2 of tResult into tReturnDataA["pixelWidth"]
       put word -1 of line 12 of tResult into tReturnDataA["colorSpace"]
       return tReturnDataA
     end if
     -- not supported yet
   end switch
end stsImageData

function stsSIPSCheck pResult, at pCheckResult
   if "Error" is in pResult then
     put lineOffset(cr&"Error",pResult) into tLine
     if tLine <> 0 then
       put line (tLine+1) of pResult into tErrLine
       put offset(":",tErrLine) into tChar
       if tChar <> 0 then
         delete char 1 to tChar of tErrLine
       end if
       put "STSError: " & trim(tErrLine) into pCheckResult
       put "STSError: Cannot get image data." into pCheckResult
     end if
     return "error"
     return "OK"
   end if
end stsSIPSCheck

function stsFormatPath pPath,pPlatform
  -- assumes a full "/"-delimited path
  switch pPlatform
  case "MacOSX"
  case "Unix"
    put "\" & space & quote & "'`<>!;()[]?#$^&*=" into tSpecialChars
    repeat for each char tChar in tSpecialChars
      replace tChar with ("\" & tChar) in pPath
    end repeat
  case "Win32"
    set the itemDel to "/"
    put item -1 of pPath into tFile
    put "\/:*?" & quote & "<>|" into tSpecialChars
    repeat for each char tChar in tSpecialChars
      replace tChar with ("-") in tFile
    end repeat
    put tFile into item -1 of pPath
    replace "/" with "\" in pPath
  end switch
  return pPath
end stsFormatPath

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