Format a disk on MacOS X

Ludovic Thébault ludovic.thebault at
Fri Feb 6 07:27:39 EST 2009

Le 6 févr. 09 à 12:22, Richmond Mathewson a écrit :

> Probably a naive question (well, they are my speciality),
> but when I looked at the Help for Dosk Utility it said
> that I can format a disk with MS-DOS (FAT) - is that 16 or
> 32; certainly a bit unclear from the documentation.
> Yup, the GUI of Disk Utility smells "a bit off" -

But we cannot choose the format, and for "big" disk (> 1024 ko ?) Disk  
Utility format in FAT32.

For my problem, it's seem that Revolution block the unmount (i need to  
quit Rev for eject the device !) but i cannot find why (it's work one  
time but after not... !?)

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