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Fri Feb 6 05:13:54 EST 2009

Moin moin Malte,
Good point. Actually I wanted to have the same installation process on Win
and Mac. My Win install is split into two parts. Part 1: installation of the
prog (made with Inno), which calls after being finished part 2 (a rev app),
which copies zipped video files from DVD to HD and unzippes to a dest dir by
choice. I can't put the video files into the Mac package or dmg, because
they have to be accesable for the Win installation as well (that’s the
reason for the 2 step install process.) And I can't duplicate the Videos for
Win and Mac in two different installation packages, because they are about 8
GB. So I wanted to have two app installation packages (one for Win and one
for Mac) and one Video zip package on my installation DVD. And that is the
simple reason why I wanted to have a installer on Mac, because it can call
my Videocopy rev app to complete the installation. If the user just would
drag the bundle to the HD, he wouldn't know, that he still has to start my
videocopy app to finish the installation.
Could I clarify my issue?

Btw. If I ever want to create a dmg, how do I make it? Dummy user question

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> Moin Tiemo,
> why would you want to create an installer for your app in first place?
> There are very few apps on the Mac that require an installation
> process. Usually these are those that need admin rights to install
> things in places a normal user would not have access to. Most apps are
> just drag and dropable to any place the user decides. Most of the time
> that will be the applications folder. These apps come as a
> (compressed) dmg, which contains the app, that can just be dragged
> over. Usually the readme file also is in there.
> Grüße,
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