Re Rev timeline stack?

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Thu Feb 5 18:04:08 EST 2009

>> Has anyone written a timeline stack/group?
>> I have looked at the software about, which looks luscious (especially Bee
>> docs timeline) but it doesn't allow notes etc to be added, or vertical
>> timelines with information attached to left and right 'branches' of an
>> event.  I can't find my veteran HC 'CaseLiner stack anymore, which over 15
>> years ago did what I want, albeit not lusciously at all.
>> (When I say 'timeline', I don't mean a Gantt chart, but the line with
>> stalks and information flags, type of thing)
>> Best
>> David Glasgow
> Just a quick repost in the slight hope that the 'draw-a-curve-spat'
> distracted attention from the above, and that really timeline Rev stacks are
> two a penny.
> More likely not, I suspect - so any thoughts on how to approach the graphic
> side?

First thought - everything is going to have to be in a group to allow
the horizontal scrolling that will be needed.
Second thought - the base line can just be a single line object, but
for events, have a template group with a stalk, a field and an image
object. Clone this group for each new event. Allow typing into the
field and selection of an image or deletion of the image object.
Rather than try to space out the groups automatically to avoid
overlap, I would suggest you allow dragging of the event groups but
only in one dimension at a time i.e. you can drag up or down to avoid
overlap, or you can drag left & right to re-position on the time line.
Only doing one at a time (based on the first significant movement)
will make the algorithm for constraining movement a lot easier.


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