convert to lower ascii 128?

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Wed Feb 4 18:39:02 EST 2009

hi Craig,

Revolution uses its own subset of regular expressions. Just read the  
docs for replaceText and click on the regular expressions link (if you  
have a version where this link works). You don't need the additional  
ampersands in your example. "[a-z]" will do (or "[a-zA-Z0-9"]).

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On 5 feb 2009, at 00:29, DunbarX at wrote:
> Mark.
> Sort of pseudo wild cards. Whew. Where do the docs say this?
> And how do it know? Is it ASCII ordered? In other words, would:
> ..."[" & "a-z" & "]"... replace every char in that range?
> ReplaceText is better than Rinaldi's fullReplace with all that stuff.
> Craig

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