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Wed Feb 4 17:22:21 EST 2009

Hi Viktor.

Aye that will work, but simple is the keyword here. Yes it will pull  
down a record and allow you to edit/save. But what it will not do is  
allow me to create a form where I have nested relational lookups. It  
will also not allow me to page through cursors in a table view. It  
will also not account for conditions where a value in one field  
changes causing a lookup and new information to appear in another.  
There are interface reasons for why I am designing things the way I  
am. The app is going to be something more than a simple database  
browser. Heck I have that in Filemaker now! What I need is complete  
control over data entry and validation, and that is something I cannot  
do with Rev's built in form queries.

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On Feb 4, 2009, at 1:26 PM, viktoras d. wrote:

> Hi Bob,
> no need to write complex queries in rev, create view and then write
> simple query for the view :-)
> all the best
> Viktoras
> Bob Sneidar wrote:
>> The idea is to be able to page through large data sets by setting a
>> limit on the number of records I return in the parent cursor, and  
>> then
>> only return records in the "relational" cursors whose keys match the
>> parent. I don't want to use the SQL relational system, because  
>> frankly
>> writing rev code to build highly complex queries to return data from
>> multiple tables into one cursor on the fly is more trouble than I  
>> want
>> to deal with. I wish there was a way in SQL to set up linked cursors
>> for relations, but alas it is what it is.
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