Fixing XCode Errors while building rnaEffect External

Derek Bump - Dreamscape Software userevolution at
Wed Feb 4 16:26:35 EST 2009

I've been trying to move over to the Mac side with my externals and I'm
starting from the ground up. I began by building the example externals
that Mark Waddingham had put together for the tutorials via the newsletter.

The problem is that I am running XCode 3.1.2 on Mac OS X 10.5.6, and I
can't seem to get the Universal version of the rnaEffect external to

I keep getting 3 compiler errors originating from the variable.cpp file,
and it only happens when I compile in Debug, Release or Release x86-32.
The error is the same and affects 3 lines. An example of the error is...

/rnaeffect/variable.cpp:159: error: invalid conversion from 'const
char*' to 'char*'

The code in question is:

void Variable::SetStringElement(const char *p_key, const std::string&
   ExternalString t_ex_string;
   t_ex_string . buffer = p_string . data();                // Error
   t_ex_string . length = p_string . length();
   SetRawStringElement(p_key, t_ex_string);

void Variable::SetCStringElement(const char *p_key, const char *p_cstring)
   ExternalString t_ex_string;
   t_ex_string . buffer = p_cstring;                        // Error
   t_ex_string . length = strlen(p_cstring);
   SetRawStringElement(p_key, t_ex_string);

void Variable::SetRawBufferElement(const char *p_key, const void
*p_buffer, unsigned int p_length)
   ExternalString t_raw_string;
   t_raw_string . buffer = (const char *)p_buffer;          // Error
   t_raw_string . length = p_length;
   SetRawStringElement(p_key, t_raw_string);

Does anyone have any idea on how to resolve these errors?

Derek Bump
Dreamscape Software

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