How to test if a field does not contain anything else than returns or tab?

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> Hello
> Thanks to all who paid attention to my question
> Quite a nice number  of ways (mainly variations around counting the
> number of words)

BTW, just for 100% clairty, none of these "word-based" approaches work if
there is a non-breaking space (  or  ) in the field.  Admittedly,
the possibility of this happening is extremely low, but to be on the safe
side, this is "trim" function I use:

function trim what
  if the platform is "MacOS" then
    replace numToChar(202) with " " in what
    replace numToChar(160) with " " in what
  end if
  return (word 1 to -1 of what)
end trim

So for testing an empty field, it would be:

  if trim(fld 1) = "" then


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