Import temperature and switch on/off the heater with Rev

Bob Earp rjearp at
Tue Feb 3 17:50:20 EST 2009

Paolo, to my knowledge there is no capability within  Rev of communicating with a USB port, although I think Chuck had been working on something along time ago.I've been wanting to use a Rev project as an interface to the aircraft simulators we build and have been working on getting Rev on OS X to talk to a PLC for some time now, unfortunately with limited success.  As mentioned in other posts, Rev communicates quite well with serial ports, but alas they don't come on Apple platforms.  I've been using an IOGear USB to Serial adapter, but for some reason the system seems unstable.  The last time I tried it I kept getting what appeared to be a bit shifting on the response from the PLC and got so frustrated I gave up.I've been using an EZ-PLC which is very economical, but the support for low level serial port communication is almost non existent.  I've recently discovered the Arduino (which was invented in your part of the world) and am now considering communicating with that via ethernet.If anybody has more to add on this subject I'd be extremely happy to hear about it !!best, Bob...
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