How to test if a field does not contain anything else than returns or tab ?

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Tue Feb 3 13:25:38 EST 2009

I've found that using a non-breaking space instead of a space solves a lot
of problems with parsing text. For instance links clicked in a field with
two words connected with a NBS will act as one word-pair. This is perfect
for headers. Perhaps filtering and searching with a NBS might work better in
some instances.
nbs =  option-space    ascii 202   hex  0xCA

2009/2/3 <DunbarX at>

> This was a big thread on the HC list a few years back. Spaces are odd, in
> that they are not word delimiters. Although they are. One space between two
> word
> is two words, as is ten spaces between them. In HC:
> get the number of words of "a   b   c" --two spaces between the chars,
> returns 3
> And this....
> set the itemDelimiter to space
> get the number of items of "a   b   c" --returns 1
> Space is just a special kind of character, and it is hard to get the white,
> er, space.
> Does Rev have more powerful tools?
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