Big issue with Rev

DunbarX at DunbarX at
Tue Feb 3 09:14:55 EST 2009

In a message dated 2/2/09 6:32:57 PM, mwieder at writes:

> By "its stack script is in use" do you mean you're using it as a
> library stack, frontscript or backscript? In that case you're probably
> getting duelling openCard handlers.

I have not put any scripts "into back". Or front. I only start using the 
utility stack, so I guess that makes it a library. My Rev world is not very big; I 
have only four stacks.

But before I become more conversant with these, why would they conflict? Can 
you not send messages all over the hierarchy at will? And what is writing that 
cryptic message to a field, the same each session?

Thanks Jacque, but my stacks are named "home" and "wizard", just like in HC. 
I thought I would learn rev by reproducing my HC development tools. I am 
stopped dead at the very earliest stages...

Craig newman

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