Big issue with Rev

DunbarX at DunbarX at
Mon Feb 2 18:11:23 EST 2009

I am having a problem.

I made a utility stack. Just like in my HC environment. Its stack script is 
in use. In this stack I have an openCard handler that is intended to display 
information about other stacks on the fly, a list of card objects, for example.

I have a two card test stack with a field and a button on it. As a start, I 
put the command "beep" in an openCard handler in the utility stack script, just 
to make sure the messages are going along. All well and good as I navigate 
the test stack.

If I put another line below "beep", like "put the target", or a call to 
another handler to do some actual work, all hell breaks loose. My test stack gets 
the text "/REVEXCLUDED02" placed in its field. If I navigate to the next card, 
the test stack window reduces to a thin line, about one pixel wide and 30 
tall. If I go back to the first card, the stack window is normally sized, but the 
text remains. Back and forth, and I can duplicate it. Only quitting rev 
restores the test stack to its normal condition. A new session follows exactly the 
same path.

I don't suppose "/REVEXCLUDED02" means anything to anyone? I all of a sudden 
have a terrible feeling that "HC on steroids" notwithstanding, I am going to 
have issues getting this going. I am depressed.

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