Recover from Temp?

Scott Rossi scott at
Sun Feb 1 13:23:24 EST 2009

Recently, Sarah Reichelt wrote:

>> Anyone know if it's possible to recover a stack from a (what I think is a)
>> temp file?
>> On OS X, doing a search for a file that has the name of a stack I'm
>> currently working on yields several files named myFile.rev~ which I assume
>> are temp files created during each save of the stack.  Unfortunately, the
>> Find dialog doesn't let me access these files, or show where they are
>> stored.  Is there any way to recover one of these files?
> I presume you have searched & found the stack using Spotlight.
> Select "Show All" in the Spotlight menu to show the found items in a
> Finder window.
> Then selecting any of the found files will show the full path at the
> bottom of the Finder window.
> You can also right-click on any item and choose "Copy...." and then
> paste it somewhere visible.

That's the problem.  The filenames show up, but their icons are displayed as
a dotted outline (no icon), no file path is displayed at the bottom of the
Search window, and essentially there is no way I can find to access the

When something goes wrong while saving a stack, Rev creates a backup file
with the hope being one can recover work from the backup.  I think these are
the same files files, but when a save executes successfully, something is
done to them so they don't show up normally in the Finder.


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