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Macintosh Garden is a good place for Mac Software that is no
longer being sold.


A lot of times they will link their larger files to be downloaded at




I am sure they would love to post your program and the proper links
since they are dedicated to saving old software and providing people
with a way to download it.


On Dec 31, 2009, at 7:10 AM, Graham Samuel wrote:

> I just picked this up from the Tidbits digest. It seems like a good  
> cause and I wonder if any lister here might be able to help. Just a  
> thought. Sorry if people think it's a waste of bandwidth.
> Graham
>> 4. post-commercial software - best way to give my If Monks had  
>> Macs away?
>> Initial Message
>> Posted by: Brian Thomas Date: Dec 30, 2009.
>> Hello, Happy New Year to all.
>> I'm the author of If Monks had Macs, a classic CD-ROM that still  
>> interests folks today and that works in Snow Leopard (and on  
>> Windows as well). It might be the longest running multimedia  
>> project in history. However, Monks is 21 years old this winter and  
>> I think it's time it made its own way in the world. I would like  
>> to make it a free download, and I'm asking for suggestions for  
>> ways to do that.
>> I can't afford to pay to give Monks away so I'm looking for  
>> suggestions or offers for free hosting. I have a mobileme account,  
>> but there is probably a better way than having folks log on to my  
>> public folder. It doesn't seem to allow regular downloads.
>> Monks for Macs is 200 megabytes, the Windows version is about the  
>> same. However, they both share the same 150 mbs of art & audio.
>> My regular website can't host the files. However, if you visit it  
>> you will see that to celebrate Monk's 21st birthday I have just  
>> quietly made available a free re-make for one of the games in  
>> Monks that I want. It is beautifully illustrated, quick and deep.  
>> And it is an excellent reminder or introduction to what Monks is.  
>> The remake of Killing Time will be formally announced with the  
>> release of the free Monks early next year:
>> <http://rivertext.com/>
>> Thanks,
>> Brian Thomas
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