[ANN] tRev Pre-holiday Update!

Jerry Daniels jerry.daniels at me.com
Fri Dec 25 23:27:34 EST 2009


I do the quote thing already.

Happy holidays,

Jerry Daniels

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On Dec 25, 2009, at 10:15 PM, Jim Bufalini wrote:

> Jerry Daniels wrote:
>> As you know, Len, we have never officially supported XP (OS X,  
>> Vista/7
>> only), although we do have tRevers out there using XP. There are so
>> many variants of XP and so much going on with screens and sockets, we
>> decided from day one to avoid those headaches.
>> Eager to have you back!
>> Best,
>> Jerry Daniels
>> The latest Rev Editor Video:
>> http://reveditor.com/feature-friday-drag-a-handler-to-any-tab
>> On Dec 25, 2009, at 11:54 AM, Len Morgan wrote:
>>> Got it.  Looks cool.
>>> Just to let you know, it appears that tRev working on XP is now
>>> (unofficially) now longer possible.  Don't get me wrong, SOMETHING
>>> is happening, and I still get a nice picture of tRevor in the upper
>>> right hand corner of my screen, and I even get the completely blank
>>> screen every time control is passed back and forth between tRev and
>>> the Rev IDE, but there is no tRev editor screen visible.
>>> Just thought you might like to know so you can post somewhere that
>>> tRev on (at least 1) XP system does not work.  Let's hope there are
>>> some nice after Christmas sales at BestBuy so I can get a new
>>> machine and get my tRev back.
>>> R.I.P. XP  :-(
>>> len
> For what it's worth, I have found that whenever something works on  
> Vista/7
> and not on XP (it's usually the other way around), greater than 9  
> times out
> of 10 it has nothing to do with versions of XP (Home Premium or
> Professional, etc.) or 64 bit or 32 bit, etc. It has to do with  
> spaces in a
> file path.
> If you shell, or open process or pass a parameter to a process, it  
> will work
> in Vista and not work in XP because of the spaces in the file path.  
> Even if
> you are just writing to a user's Documents directory, in Vista this is
> *C:\Users\<username>\Documents\* (notice no spaces unless a user put  
> a space
> in their user name). But, in XP it's C:\Documents and Settings 
> \<userName>\My
> Documents\.
> See all those spaces in the file path in XP? They wreak havoc when  
> passed as
> params, etc. This is the main reason MS renamed directories like  
> *Documents
> and Settings* to *ProgramData* and *My Documents* to *Documents* and  
> *All
> Users* to *Default*.
> The answer is just enclose any file paths in quotes. So do *quote &
> "C:\...." & quote*, and almost always your non-XP-working-Rev-app  
> magically
> starts working on XP. Without this, it goes off into lala land. This  
> just
> happened to me yesterday. I had something working perfectly in Vista  
> but
> would not work on any XP machine. Luckily I remembered about spaces  
> and
> quoting and got it working in short order.
> The other tip is even in Vista/7 avoid using directories that  
> involve the
> user name as users will do things like firstName<space>lastName and  
> this
> will cause the identical problem on Vista/7. It's why I recommend  
> against
> using a user's Documents directory.
> Aloha from Hawaii,
> Jim Bufalini
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