Pointers to Quicktime videos in Revlets

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at gmail.com
Fri Dec 25 22:09:16 EST 2009

>> Hi Could anyone point me to a 'How-to' to get QT vids to play from an
>> uploaded revlet? The vids are in the same folder as the uploaded
>> Revlet, but nowr happens.
> That's how I do it. The videos are in the same folder with the revlet, then
> the script references them like this:
> set the filename of player 1 to "http://www.domain.com/folder/movie.mov"

Is there a way for the revlet to know where it is?
I would prefer not to have to hard-wire the path, so that the revlet
would work no matter where it was moved to, assuming that the media
files were kept in the same relative location.


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