[ANN] tRev Feature Friday: drag a handler to a new tab

Jerry Daniels jerry.daniels at me.com
Fri Dec 25 12:18:39 EST 2009

Merry Christmas!

That's right, we now have spring-loaded tabs in tRev!
- Drag a handler over a tab and that tab opens.
- Drop the handler wherever you like in the new tab's handler list.

Watch this video to be amazed:


NOTE: tRev users do not need to update in order to use this feature.  
You have all had spring-loaded tabs for a week now. None of y'all  
found it, though!

- Dragging to a tab also works with folders.
- You can copy (even folders)...by using option key.

Use drag-to-a-tabs to extend your use of RevTalk:
- Reuse: make a scrapbook "drag-from" stack of often-used handlers.
- Inheritance: drag handlers up/down the message path for wider or  
selective use.

The argument for switching to tRev has—over the last months—become  
quite compelling. What started as a modest, pre-release product has  
become a tool that extends the utility of the RevTalk language while  
simultaneously greatly improving developer productivity. We have 492  
licenses sold, 26 Feature Fridays posted, and 86 posted articles on  
our site. Over 2,900 unique individual humans have visited our site,  
and they've viewed 15,400 pages.

Why the interest in tRev? Here's why:

- Handler links within scripts and across tabs
- Search across all open tabs
- Runs outside Revolution IDE (so what if Rev crashes?)
- Decoder for modeless debugging (even dialogs!)
- Seamlessly integrated Object Browser with inline name editing
- Card snapshots within Browser
- Drag and drop handlers within or across tabs
- Drag and drop objects to relayer
- Auto-complete
- Folders for handlers
- Transparent inspection (without leaving tRev!)
- Chalkboard motif for sensitive eyes
- Great interoperability with Revolution IDE
- Auto-update components (often no restart!)
- A spare, Zen mode without tooltips or headers/footers
- Up to 20 scrollable tabs

Excess tRev licenses situation...

Those tRev users who--via the MegaBundle--find themselves with more  
than one license to tRev, should click the link above to learn about  
transferring your excess licenses to friends, colleagues, etc. We'd  
much rather have real users than just sales. Click the link above for  
details on this. It's toward the end of today's Feature Friday post.

Thank you all for your business and interest.


Jerry Daniels

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