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Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Fri Dec 25 08:04:52 EST 2009

On 25/12/2009 10:39, Jacques Hausser wrote:
> Le 24 déc. 2009 à 20:35, Mark Swindell a écrit :
>> Does anyone know whether the Rev development team looking seriously at improving text management/manipulation in future releases?
>> Mark
> Recurrent question, since the beginning ! Typical case of selective deafness...

There seems to be an increasingly large amount of this.

Either RunRev should demonstrably listen to their loyal customer base, 
fairly quickly and responsively;


they should stop pretending while sending out other signals.

Of course the situation with the Edinburgh conference DVDs also gives a 
'funny' impression.

>   A firm promise from Edinburgh would be a very nice Chrismas gift for everybody on this list.

In the light of earlier 'promises' I am not entirely sure whether any 
future promises
would have much value. Commercial companies ALWAYS cross their fingers 
their backs when making promises.

Also; as I once discovered to my chagrin; RunRev, despite its "social" 
image, is a commercial
company trying to make money. RunRev will bother about better text 
stuff when, either, enough financial pressure is brought to bear, or one 
of their big-time
customers (???????) demands it. If you want to believe RunRev's 
propaganda, they are
doing 'fine-and-dandy' right now with people trampling bodies in the 
streets just to get
a copy of Studio or Enterprise; personally I don't believe that at all - 
the rather low level of
attendance at the Edinburgh conference what a complete shock to me; as 
was the number
of attendees (like myself) who can count the shillings they have made 
from using RunRev
on the fingers of one hand.

Many, many of Runtime Revolution's long-term users (and 'abusers' like 
myself) do a lot of
FREE advertising for RunRev; they could, at the very least, demonstrate 
some sort of gratefulness
for that by demonstrating that they really care about these users and 
their opinions.

Supercard can do all sorts of things with text that RunRev cannot; now, 
it seems that RunRev
look down their collective nose at Supercard because it is no doing all 
the "jazzy" things
that RunRev is doing. One wonders why, when the text manipulation 
capabilities in Supercard
are better than those in RunRev. For RunRev to really "better" than 
Supercard it has to have
ALL the capabilites of Supercard and then all sorts of stuff that 
Supercard does not.
The argument that RunRev can deploy on Mac, Win, Lin and all sorts of 
other "funny" platforms
that most people have absolutely nothing to do with; while Supercard 
cannot, is not enough
in and of itself to claim superiority over Supercard.

I am sorry if my RANT upsets your post-festal digestion (whether 
Christmas, Pancha Ganapati, or
Kwanza [ and, Please, do not take offence that I did not pop the name of 
your festival down
here, just ascribe it to my ignorance and forgive me]), but on this 
topic I feel extremely strongly.


I wish everybody, regardless of persuasion, an Extremely Happy and 
Fruitful New Year.

sincerely, Richmond Mathewson.

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