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Tue Dec 22 18:54:54 EST 2009

Hi Jacque,

Why not apply a lens effect on the text, like on iphone or ipod ?
By using the mouseChunck function in a mouseMove handler and linking
that with a transparent picture it could result a nice effect.

Just a quick attempt to evaluate the rendering:

local lPreviousChunk
constant cStandardSize = 8
constant cZoomSize = 16

on mouseMove
   put the mouseChunk into tCurrentChunk
   if tCurrentChunk <> lPreviousChunk then
      if (lPreviousChunk is not empty) then
         set the textsize of lPreviousChunk to cStandardSize
      end if
      if (tCurrentChunk is not empty) then
         set the textsize of tCurrentChunk to cZoomSize
         put tCurrentChunk into lPreviousChunk
      end if
   end if
end mouseMove

on mouseEnter
   set the textHeight of the target to cZoomSize
end mouseenter

on mouseLeave
   set the fixedLineHeight of the target to true
   set the textSize of the target to cStandardSize
end mouseleave

-Zryip TheSlug- wish you the best! 8)

2009/12/22 J. Landman Gay <jacque at>:
> I've got another interface problem I can't decide how to solve, maybe some
> of you have ideas.
> I have an app that creates various printouts. These are all hard-coded;
> i.e., the end user never sees the templates and can't change them. In the
> app's preferences, though, they are allowed to add custom header and footer
> text that will appear on each printout. This info is entered into fields in
> the prefs stack. They can also set the tabstops by moving little sliding
> arrows, so that they can control the text placement in each header or footer
> by adding and positioning tabs.
> Because the prefs stack is much smaller than the print template stacks, the
> text entry fields are also not as wide. To give the user a way to visualize
> how their tabstops will look, the textsize in the entry fields is very
> small. This gives the right ratio between field width and text size, so that
> they get a fairly accurate idea of the text placement in the header or
> footer as they slide the tabstops around.
> So now the client says the text is too small to read easily (which is true)
> and he'd like it legible. Problem is, if I increase the text size, the
> relative ratio of the tabstops will not be accurate and the fields will not
> display the relative text placement correctly.
> I need a clever idea on how to display accurate text positioning while
> maintaining legibility. I've thought of a few things, but nothing I like.
> Tooltips that show what the text says might be one way, but I don't really
> like that much.
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