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Tue Dec 22 18:36:18 EST 2009

Hi Trevor,

> on FillInData pData
>     set the uUTF8Text of field "Name" of me to pData
> end FillInData

This will be also correct?

set the unicodetext of me to uniencode(pData,"utf8")

When opening the field editor in your column behavior you are already  
calling EditFieldText. The Data Grid is going to work with the 'text'  
property of the fields by default. You can override this by setting  
the dgTemplateFieldEditor["utf8text"] property (you can also pass in  
"htmltext", "rtftext", or "unicodetext") before calling  
dgTemplateFieldEditor. Setting the dgTemplateFieldEditor["utf8text"]  
property of the Data Grid will use the value you assign rather than  
the 'text' of the field.

I put this but, to what value override the text? 

command EditValue
    set the dgTemplateFieldEditor["utf8text"] of the dgControl of me to ??? 
    EditFieldText the long id of me, the dgIndex of me, the dgColumn of me
end EditValue

When closing the field editor you will need to extract the UTF8 text  
of the field editor. The example in the manual actually shows how to  
do this. Search for UTF8 on this page:

How Do I Save Changes The User Makes In An Editor Field To An External  
Data Source?:

But If I want store into the datagrid I don't need it, isn't?


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