iRev How do I manage a different folder full of images

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Mon Dec 21 14:46:21 EST 2009

Hi Thomas ! Happy holidays to you too 8)

If I understand well:

1) You have one folder used by your rev application. I'll name it the "main
2) Each 10 files uploaded in the main folder you want mirroring those 10
files into another folder. I'll name it the "mirror folder". The
mirror folder will be used by the mobile viewer application.
3) Each 150 files in the main folder you want to erase all the files in
the main folder
4) Each 100 files in the mirror folder you want to move the 100 oldest files
from the mirror folder to a new folder. I'll name this new folder a
"backup folder"

1) Each backup folders can contain only 100 files
2) Steps 2 through 4 require that you be notified by email
3) You need to check your files after a mirror or a backup operation

Is that correct ?

-Zryip TheSlug- wish you the best ! 8)

2009/12/21 Thomas McGrath III <mcgrath3 at>:
> Hello all and happy holidays to you all,
> I made an app for uploading photos remotely to a folder on on-rev. I also
> have another folder that feeds a mobile viewer app. What I would like to do
> is manage both of these folders.
> 1. When uploaded to folder A. after it reaches a predetermined amount like
> 10 then make a DUPLICATE of them to folder B.?
> 2. Be notified via an EMAIL that this has happened at certain TIMES.
> 2. When folder A. reaches say 150 then DELETE all images in Folder A. (MAKE
> SURE all have been moved to folder B. though)
> 2. Keep an eye on folder B. when it reaches say 100 images then MOVE the
> oldest photos to a new CREATED folder C. or if that is FULL than MOVE to a
> new folder D. etc.
> How/what is the best way to do this in iRev scripts???
> Duplicating, Deleting, Moving and then Creating folders
> Time Checks and Email/notifications
> Thanks
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