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Mon Dec 21 09:09:52 EST 2009

On Dec 21, 2009, at 6:45 AM, Shao Sean wrote:

> why does the data grid insist on replacing the nice gradient colours  
> i have chosen for the hilite colour?

Because you haven't set the Data Grid property relating to the header  
hilite color but rather tried to change the hilite color by brute  
force (changing a property of an internal Data Grid control directly).

> the colour pane for the data grid only allows us to replace the dark  
> gradient with a single colour, so i work through all the issues of  
> setting the gradient of all the header hilites and then it goes and  
> replaces it on me.. not a happy panda :-(

Panda's seeking happiness should set the dgProps["header background  
hilite color"] property.

Although the property inspector only allows you to set a solid color  
you have additional options when setting the property by script. From  
the docs:

header background hilite color
-The background color of the header that is being sorted by. You set  
set to a solid color, a gradient (two colors, one per line) or an  
array containing the keys of the fillGradient property.

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