Feeling a bit "NumToCharred"...

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Fri Dec 18 16:36:16 EST 2009

On 18/12/2009 22:02, Mark Schonewille wrote:
> Hi Richmond,
> If you use uniencode(space) or numToChar(32), it is solved. I'm not 
> sure that this is a bug.

I wasn't aware it might be a bug until Mark Weider pointed it out;

more, one of the many differences between the documentation and
the RAD . . .  :)

What I am a bit cheesed-off about is that if I want to put characters I can
access with my standard keyboard (U.S. extended) into a unicode 'sentence'
in a field I have to encode those indivdually (including the spaces) using
numToChar rather that just typing '+' or 'Q', as in:

set the useUnicode to true
set the unicodeText of fld "GUFF" to numToChar(9012) & " this whole 
things gets on my nerves"

which is CONSIDERABLY easier than:

set the unicodeText of numToChar of fld "GUFF" to numToChar(9012) & 
numToChar(32) & numToChar(funnyNumber) & numToChar(funnyNumber2) & 
numToChar(funnyNumber3) & numToChar(funnyNumber4) ad nauseam

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