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Jacques Hausser jacques.hausser at
Thu Dec 17 05:16:10 EST 2009

Le 17 déc. 2009 à 01:33, Kay C Lan a écrit :

> On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 6:56 PM, Jacques Hausser <jacques.hausser at>wrote:
>> I really should re-read my mails before sending them :-(
>> I cannot copy and paste scripts directly into mails (I don't know why) so I
>> rewrite them... with bugs !
> Now that Mark has his solution, this seems to be the next thing that needs
> solving.

Hi Kay,

It is rather rare that I try to copy scripts and paste them on mails, so I didn't care for a solution. I can live without - as long as I do not post bugs ;o).

After reading your post this morning, I  checked the process just after opening Rev... and it works OK !
When I tried yesterday, I was editing and testing scripts for some hours, using relatively large amounts of memory (12 megapixel images). I didn't copy or paste them, however.
I try to answer your questions as far as I remember:

> What platform are you on and which email client do you use? Are your scripts
> in Rev or tRev?

Mac OS 10.6.2  -  Apple's Mail - Rev Enterprise

> Does it make a difference if you use your mouse and select Copy and Paste
> rather than using keyboard shortcuts?

Not sure - I probably used the shortcut. "Paste" was dimmed in Mail. But not in TextEdit (see below) !

> Can you Copy and Paste code from Rev into a text editor or other program, or
> from one Rev script to another Rev script, ie is the problem you can't Copy
> in Rev, you can Copy but it get's lost when going to some other programs, or
> Paste just never works outside of Rev?

Yes, I tried after sending my last mail - scripts pasted in TextEdit without problems, either in txt or in RTF.
It seems it was something not recognized by Mail in the clipboard...
I didn't check other programs.
Last precision: the default format for my Mail is set to text only.

> This was an intermitant problem with Rev way back and the usual cure was to
> manually select the menu commands.

I remember too well - specially boring for cmd E ! 
Well, I'll check again after some hours on RunRev... but still, it is not a vital problem !


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