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Wed Dec 16 22:22:04 EST 2009

Kay C Lan wrote:

> Because I can never  figure out the differences between Windows set ups and
> Mac set ups, to lazy to keep track of the defaultFolder or whether I should
> be using a specialFolder, and am sure that someone (me most likely) is
> inadvertantly going to move a data stack to another location other than
> where my splash stack expects it to be, I've gone for a univeral, seems to
> work everytime, calculate the file path exactly before you need it approach:

Actually, I probably wasn't too clear. All that file path business was 
mostly for opening files, not for re-saving them. Once they're open from 
disk, the engine already knows the path, so "save this stack" is all you 

> put the long name of stack "myDataStack" into tFilePath
> --result is the full file path enclosed in quotes and preceded by the word
> stack
> --the first 7 char are: stack "
> --the last char is: "
> put char 8 to -2 of tFilePath into tFilePath --just the file path
> save stack "myDataStack" as tFilePath

You can get "the filename of this stack" to find out the path on disk 
without any parsing.

That said, I do usually use your method (with the filename variation) to 
find stacks whose relative locations are already known. I have a 
function that returns filenames based on the standalone's location. I 
should probably use the stackfiles property more than I do, it's an 
automated way to do the same thing with less scripting.

Anyway, this is what I use. It goes into the standalone's mainstack script:

   function appPath -- path to application folder
     put the effective filename of me into tPath
     set the itemdel to slash
     return (item 1 to -2 of tPath) & slash -- on OS X this is INSIDE 
the app bundle
   end appPath

And then when I need to open a satellite stack:

   go stack (appPath() & "stack1.rev")

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