Deriving an angle from three points

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Wed Dec 16 19:33:42 EST 2009

On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 6:56 PM, Jacques Hausser <jacques.hausser at>wrote:

> I really should re-read my mails before sending them :-(
> I cannot copy and paste scripts directly into mails (I don't know why) so I
> rewrite them... with bugs !
> Now that Mark has his solution, this seems to be the next thing that needs

What platform are you on and which email client do you use? Are your scripts
in Rev or tRev?

Does it make a difference if you use your mouse and select Copy and Paste
rather than using keyboard shortcuts?

Can you Copy and Paste code from Rev into a text editor or other program, or
from one Rev script to another Rev script, ie is the problem you can't Copy
in Rev, you can Copy but it get's lost when going to some other programs, or
Paste just never works outside of Rev?

This was an intermitant problem with Rev way back and the usual cure was to
manually select the menu commands.


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