Saving standalone substacks

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Wed Dec 16 15:19:40 EST 2009

On Dec 16, 2009, at 11:20 AM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> James Hurley wrote:
>> Actually, I had recalled that the splash screen was the way to go.
>> My question is really quite primitive. When the user quits, or just
>> wants to save the substacks, what is the action plan, specifically,  
>> what
>> is the code? Save.....the substacks name. Is a file path required?  
>> Like
>> I said, my question is quite primitive.
> Depends on what your stack does. If you've changed the defaultfolder,
> then you'll need to calculate a file path back to your satellite  
> stacks
> (I don't like the word "substacks" in this case because those are  
> stacks
> embedded in the mainstack, and they can't save data. Separate stacks
> opened by a splash app need a different name.) The default location  
> when
> your splash starts up is the same folder as the splash app is in. You
> can handle this several ways:
> 1. Reset the defaultfolder to the one where your splash exists, if
> you've changed it. Refer to satellite stacks by their relative path.
> 2. Calculate file paths to the satellite stacks and use those as stack
> references.
> 3. Set the stackfiles property of your splash so that it points to
> relative path locations for the satellite stacks. Then you can just
> refer to them by their short names and Rev can still find them. This  
> is
> perhaps the easiest way to manage it.
> However you determine the stack paths, the rest is the same. Loop
> through the names of your satellite stacks when the user requests to
> quit, and save each one. You can ask the user if they want to save  
> each
> of them, if that fits your app better.
> Assuming three stacks in the same folder as your standalone, with the
> defaultfolder set to that directory:
> on shutdownRequest
>   repeat for each item i in "stack1.rev,stack2.rev,stack3.rev"
>     save stack i
>     close stack i
>   end repeat
>   pass shutdownRequest
> end shutdownRequest


Do you know what the file permissions implications are if a user other  
than the one who installed the app is trying to save stacks to the app  


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