Deriving an angle from three points

Phil Davis revdev at
Wed Dec 16 02:40:10 EST 2009

I never took trig, but I imagine some of Rev's trig functions might be 
helpful in determining this. If it's any help, here's a button handler 
that draws the angle:

on mouseUp
    put "40,116/98,186/132,118" into tPointsList
    replace "/" with cr in tPointsList
    set the style of the templateGraphic to "polygon"
    set the lineSize of the templateGraphic to 1
    set the showBorder of the templateGraphic to true -- to show the grc 
    create grc "angle"
    set the points of grc "angle" to tPointsList
end mouseUp

When I draw it, I see there is a right angle at the bottomRight of it 
that might serve as a reference point of some sort? Of course a real 
numbers person wouldn't need to draw anything to "see" this. It would be 

I'll be interested to see the solution too.

Phil Davis

On 12/15/09 10:21 PM, Mark Swindell wrote:
> 40,116
> 98,186
> 132,118
> How would one determine the angle created from three points, such as those above?
> Thanks,
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