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> On Dec 14, 2009, at 1:11 PM, James Hurley wrote:
>> It is heartening to see something defended by its parent. My sincere
>> apologies for treating your offspring in such a quick and dirty
>> fashion :-)
> It's okay, the Data Grid likes to be beta up on once and a while :-)

As long as this is still in Beta, may I make a suggestion?
(Does anyone ever let the possibility of the answer be "no" stop them?)
I had assumed when I saw the following code in the guide:

    put field "data" into tData
    put true into pFirstLineContainsHeaders
    set the dgText [ pFirstLineContainsHeaders ] of group "DataGrid 2"  
to tData

I assumed that  the data grid would function in much the same way that  
FileMaker does when importing an Excel file, i.e. it allows one to  
assign the items in the first line of the file to field names and the  
rest of the llines to populate these fields. That would be a  
reasonable behavior of "dgText[pFirstLineContainsHeaders]" il.e. when  
the parameter is true, the column headings are taken from the first  
line of the text field and the rest go into filling the columns.

Or maybe introduce a second parameter to dgText .

Jim Hurley

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