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2009/12/15 Tim Selander <selander at>

> Is there any way in RR to check for user input during a repeat loop? I'd
> like a loop to continue until the user types a certain key -- at which point
> the script would exit the handler.
> Tim Selander
> Tokyo, Japan
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Hi Tim,

Maybe you could use the keysDown function.
This RR function returns the ascii form of the keys pressed while a handler
is being executed.

For example this mouseUp handler add 1 to the fld msg until the key "s" is
pressed :

*on* mouseUp

   *put* 0 into fld "Msg"

   *repeat* until charToNum("s") is in the keysDown

-- the charToNum function is necessary to compare the key with the content
returned by the keysDown function. The keysDown function returns a list of
keys in ascii form separated by commas.

      *add* 1 to fld "Msg"

      *wait* 30 ticks

   *end* *repeat*
*end* mouseUp

Hope this helps.

- Zryip TheSlug - wish you the best 8)

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