Rev IDE vs MetaCard IDE

Hugh Senior h at
Mon Dec 14 14:22:46 EST 2009

stephen barncard wrote:

> It's also prettier than the MC IDE.

Jacqueline Landman Gay

> Anything is prettier than the MC IDE. The bottom of my parrot cage is
> prettier than the MC IDE. ;)

I use MC. After 10 years I'm kinda used to it. Pretty?  I have been known to
decorate the IDE with images of bikini-clad models, Bentleys, fine wine and
Belgian chocolates. The first keeps me young, the Bentley is an outstanding
ambition, the wine is an old friend, and the chocolates remind me of a
weekend once long, long ago with a rather nice young lady who... [censored
by wife].

So what would YOU choose and WHY?


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